This is why we need your support

The most common reason adults have for coming to Relate Bradford is to save or strengthen their couple relationship

When a family or couple relationship runs into trouble it can be devastating for those involved. People who come to Relate for help tell us that their health is suffering - that they have trouble eating and sleeping; are more likely to increase their tobacco and alcohol intake; are more likely to be absent from work or school and have difficulties concentrating and dealing with conflict in the workplace / school; they and their children report heightened levels of stress and feelings of unhappiness and insecurity.

We are a registered charity. If you are already a supporter of our work please accept our thanks. If you are thinking about supporting Relate Bradford for the first time, we hope that one of the following routes may appeal to you:

  • by making a donation to our fundraising page

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If you would like more information please get in touch.

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